Gazing over the starry sky, thinking back to the years that have passed. There's so much that have changed, yet so much that remains the same. I've learn a lot about myself through these years and I feel a lot stronger and secure as a person. I still have a long way to walk though, there's lots of things to experience, discover and learn from and evolve into. Somehow, it's fearing... But at the same time I feel an urge to discover new directions and to find out about what's important in this life.

When I first go into Table Studio I was very unsure and skeptical about my music talents. It was after getting to know my dear friend Aska-san I really started working and believing in a goal with my music - daring to dream and believing in oneself. I still have a problem with accepting my own outcome from time to time, but I guess that is something I will need to accept. Through these years I've experienced a lot of good and bad times with my brothers and sisters at Table Studio. I've got a lot of help and support from them and I can't say enough how thankful I am to all of them, and how precious these opportunities have been to me. I think, if It wouldn't have been for Table Studio, I wouldn't have accomplished what I have today. As for guidance and inspiration, it's been a journey to work with all the talented people. I feel blessed to be part of something as unique as this mix of people from all around the world - creating something together. We still have a journey ahead of us, but I believe that together we can make it! If it's one thing I've learn from my life so far, it's to never give up and never see an misfortune as a failure, even though it might not have succeed - it's still an experience, and all experiences are valuable if you use them in a good way.

So with this said, I hope and wish for this Anniversary to be an reminder of how far we have come this far. Let's not forget to see what's been accomplished through these years. And the journey has only begun, this is the celebration of the things to come!

LUNARIA - 『End of Time』
Produced by LUNARIA & Table Studioテーブル.スタジオSINCE 1995
Release 09.09.2008.TSCDV-0002. (1,000円)

CD シングル
2.End of Time

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