「Garden of Chaos」 is one of LUNARIA's latest track inspired by the 2008 mini action film 「忍 法 帖-NINPOCHU」.
This track is also one of the official OST for the short film. Although the film was completed in early 2008, the track 「Garden of Chaos」 was still in experimental development at that time. We had plans for full release but due to several reasons, we decided to delay the release until further research & development could be done in mixing & concept of the track. Finally after 4 years, we have finally completed the track & have decided on a 2 version release of this single from TABLE STUDIOテーブル.スタジオ & Aurora Studioオーロラスタジオ due by the end of 2011. It will featured CD+DVD with special bundle of the DVD film 「忍 法 帖-NINPOCHU」. The release date of LUNARIA - 「Garden of Chaos」 is 25.10.2011 The Beginning of Romantic Season.

Please visit the official movie website for info, photos, behind the scenes videos, articles & more!

Two different Release version Coming Soon this October 25th 2011! CM trailer Preview will be available soon!

Please view official teaser trailer of 2008 short action film 「忍 法 帖-NINPOCHU」! You can Also download free version of the film via VEOH! Click the link below for download instructions. Download free VEOH Client now!