Welcome to my L.I.F.E cafe! This is focusing on daily life of LUNARIA.
I have always been fascinated by the night sky. Just gazing over the shining stars at night gives that wonderful feeling that can't be described in words.. This is my first attempt at photographing the sky. My camera is very limited to this, so the quality did not turn out as good as I hoped for. Eventually I hope I can get a better camera suitable for this kind of photographing. ^^ Apart from Nature photography, I also sharing the latest happening & events in my life such as traveling & going to live concerts. I hope everyone enjoys my will take on L.I.F.E!

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Hello everyone! In this video segment, I' will be sharing a collection of CDs, DVDs & VHS of Japanese Rock / POP music which I've collected since 1999! ^_^  I will be doing a new video soon For the rest of my collection. Please check out this page again soon!