[Interviewer] Today We are proud to introduce our new artist in AURORA STUDIO! He is none other
than ミズキさん!

[ミズキ] Hello Everyone! How have you been? This new AURORA STUDIO new artist ミズキ!

[Interviewer] You look awfully familiar. Are you Peter a.k.a LUNARIA?

[ミズキ] WHAT!? Who is Peter? I'm not Peter, I'm ミズキ! new Artist of AURORA STUDIO! Peter Jogerbrandt is my producer. Yeah I know, a lot of people said I resemble him. Maybe we are long lost cousins perhaps. ハハハ〜〜〜〜

[Interviewer] So what's your style like?

[ミズキ] My style doesn't have a name yet. Cute MizuMizu Style? Anyway, what do you think of my hair? Cute isn't it? Yeah I'm going for the cute look. That's my thing!

[Interviewer] So would you describe yourself?

[ミズキ] A little bit more fashionable & stylish, that's how I would describe myself!

[Interviewer] And what about your music?

[ミズキ] Music? Well it's the same like me. Fashionable, stylish & oshare-ish! (●´∀`●)

[Interviewer] Any demo of your music available for our listeners?

[ミズキ] YES! I have release a demo entitled 「さくら-SAKURA」! It was release in 2010. I can't remember which month though.

[Interviewer] I see. So what's the song about?

[ミズキ] It's about Sakura! Yes!?

[Interviewer] . . .

[ミズキ] *Looks around*

[Interviewer] That's it? It's about Sakura flowers?

[ミズキ] YES! What else could it be more Sakura than Sakura! (●´∀`●) ♥

[Interviewer] Er. . . Ok then, (΄◉◞౪◟◉‵)

[ミズキ] YES! I LIKES Sakura!

[Interviewer] So will we be expecting any singles releases from ミズキ?

[ミズキ] YES! Definitely! Here, let me show you flyer for my single release YES?!

[Interviewer] Wow! Nice image! I like your pink hair. SUGIZO inspired?

[ミズキ] SUGIZO!? OH YES! He is pink! So I want to be pink like him. SO YES it is!

[Interviewer] (O_O;)

[ミズキ] *checking Pink Hair* Lalalala!

[Interviewer] Anyway the flyer looks nice & I look forward for the single release.

[ミズキ] *stop playing with hair. looks around* Oh! YES! It is! Thank you! You want to buy? You seem nice, I give you one FREE! YES?!

[Interviewer] Er. . . ありがとう~ ミズキさん . . .

[ミズキ] *smiles* (。◕‿◕。)

[Interviewer] So what will you be . . .

[ミズキ] HEY! DO YOU LIKE Tigers!?

[Interviewer] (O__o) Tigers?

[ミズキ] I mean leopards! Do you like leopards?

[Interviewer] Why do you ask that?

[ミズキ] I mean I LIKES leopards on my clothes!

[Interviewer] AH! You mean leopards prints!

[ミズキ] YES! I LIKES! I show you my mini-poster! (●*∩_∩*●) YES!?

[Interviewer] AH! You are wearing leopard prints as part of your costume!

[ミズキ] YES! Neat-do isn't it? I buy textile & tailor it myself. My 1st time too. Not bad YES? for 1st Time?

[Interviewer] It's nicely done (´ ∀`)

[ミズキ] YES! I'm happy!

[Interviewer] Thank you for talking to us today.

[ミズキ] My pleasure! Happy to share with you about my music project.

[Interviewer] All the best & we look forward to your releases!

[ミズキ] ありがとう! See you again!


Artist / Band Concept : Visual ✖ Oshare 系
誕生日:4 月27 日
Artist Status : ACTIVE

History & Music

Focusing on a special mix between new and old, MIZUKI is a fresh new breeze with vibrant and vivid image. Being formed out of passion for classic old school Visual Kei the music can be described as a mix of Rock and Techno with all the Visual attributes. The first Artistic project to come out of AURORA STUDIO.

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